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Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic Medical Conditions can Weigh Heavily on You


Were you recently diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition? Or, did you or a loved one recently sustain a traumatic injury from an accident or have a serious medical episode?

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If you answered yes, then most likely you are facing the following scenario:

  • Your daily routine has changed drastically, and you can no longer do what you once could.

  • You need more help and support than ever before, and it’s devastatingly hard to ask for help.

  • You are grieving your former life, having difficulty accepting your present condition, and moving forward.

Sometimes, adjusting to life after a diagnosis, hospitalization, treatment, or rehabilitation for an illness or injury can be difficult. Survivorship and transition back to life in the community can be challenging for a person with a chronic medical diagnosis and everyone in the family. Living with medical and physical health-related conditions impacts your emotional and mental well-being, further affecting your overall quality of life.

I can help you find ways to cope better with the pain, unique stress and loss often associated with a serious diagnosis and its impact on your daily functioning. Together, we can ease your coping with health concerns and increase your likelihood of fuller recovery. You can work through lifestyle changes, EMDR pain management, stress management, and talk therapy. With professional support to apply EMDR, mindfulness exercises and relaxation, you might also improve your management of pain and distress.

​I have experience supporting people in a rehabilitation hospital who suffered various traumatic injuries and chronic medical conditions. In my practice, I can help you post-discharge as recovery continues at home and you seek adjustment to a “new normal.” I offer a variety of modes of psychotherapy that might benefit you, including EMDR pain management. 

Contact me to discuss which approach is right for you. You can have a fuller life.

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