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  • Karen Sussan, LMHC

Not Just for the Holidays

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Holidays often include spending time with family–and special meals together.

Sharing meals together nourishes body and soul and are important not just at holidays, but on an ongoing basis. Eating together is central for our relationships and overall well being.

Unfortunately, day to day stress can make this worthwhile moment seem virtually unattainable for most parents.

Dr. Charlotte Reznick, an adolescent and child psychologist offers some excellent tips and approaches to find solutions that I want to share with you here:

Navigating amid the flux of life can be challenging. Adding child rearing to the mix of responsibilities is no small feat. Small wonder parents often feel off-kilter!

But there is hope!

You can achieve more balance in your life.

If such tips as Dr. Reznick’s are helpful, you might want to consider counseling to problem solve further about your specific situation and learn new coping strategies.

I love helping parents reduce their stress and improve their lives.

Reach out to me to learn how you might improve coping skills, self-care, and quality of life. I welcome you to join me and begin healing, growth and transformation through psychotherapy.

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