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Individual Therapy

Client-Focused and Tailored For Your Goals


I strive to make individual psychotherapy client-centered, tailored specifically for and with you. I will work with you to find the best approach for your situation and goals.

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337 North Main Street Suite 2
New City, NY 10956


Complimentary consultation available by phone.

As my client in individual therapy, you will be the sole focus during our sessions, and we will collaborate to develop and achieve your goals. In individual psychotherapy, you control most of the pacing, approaches used, the balance of analysis or feedback, and timing of sessions. Your own intuition and views supplement the therapist’s expertise for guidance.

Some additional advantages of individual psychotherapy, in comparison to a group, are:

  • It is an easier confidential alliance to maintain than in group therapy.

  • The connection between a therapist, which research claims is critical to successful therapy, is the strongest.

  • It can support the accelerated development of self-awareness when compared to group work.

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling and arrangements.

Some disadvantages of individual psychotherapy are:

  • Typically, it is more expensive than group psychotherapy.

  • No other client is present to relate or to “see” your issues in theirs.

  • There is no safe space for testing newly gained skills other than with your therapist, while group therapy offers a safe place to test your new skills.

Is Individual Therapy Right For You?

If you think individual psychotherapy is right for you, please reach out to me today to arrange for an assessment for individual therapy or to schedule your first appointment.

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