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Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Discover the wisdom of your soul. Consider spiritually integrated psychotherapy.


  • Do you want to get more meaning out of life?

  • Are you concerned that psychotherapy will have a negative effect upon your worldview?

  • Do you seek greater alignment between your daily life, beliefs, or values?

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337 North Main Street Suite 2
New City, NY 10956


Complimentary consultation available by phone.

I invite you to contact me, a spiritually integrated psychotherapist and pastoral psychotherapist. I can support you as you strive to make meaningful changes and find more meaning in life. If you already feel connected to a higher power or feel at home in a religious tradition, I can help you honor or develop your faith or worldview while steering toward your goals in psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy developed as an offshoot of psychiatric medicine and then as a scientific, secular discipline. Many therapists do not know what to do with the spiritual or faith dimension in their clients’ lives. However, with the resurgence of interest in religion, spirituality, and mindfulness, spiritually integrated psychotherapy has powerful new validation.

I embrace the psychotherapeutic method and find it compatible with spirituality. I also find that spiritually integrated psychotherapy can work well with complementary alternative medical arts.

I am highly qualified to join you at the crossroads of the spiritual, religious, and psychotherapeutic realms. I respect faith journeys and am trained to help you with questions of meaning that often arise at turning points in life.

I will work to create a safe, therapeutic space where your morals and values can be upheld. Resources from your religious tradition or spiritual life may be helpful in our work together. Recovery from toxicity with a religious group or experience requires a compassionate, nonjudgmental ally familiar with the general territory. EMDR can be a powerful tool in this area. I love to learn about other cultures, too. Hence, as I work with people from different backgrounds, I may respectfully ask questions about what is important to you or how you might experience life differently.

Secular clients appreciate that I respectfully treat their questions and concerns when they stumble into life’s bigger questions. Self-actualization, without spiritual motivation, can still occur and is always worthwhile.

Given your existential, spiritual, or religious goals, I would love to assist you in meeting your psychotherapeutic goals while fostering a full life. I welcome meeting you and supporting your humanity. I hope to become an ally in your healing, discovery, or search for a fuller life or sense of purpose.

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