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Telebehavioral Health

Telebehavioral Health is a Viable Alternative to In-person Sessions


Telebehavioral health is a viable alternative to in-person service delivery. Telebehavioral health provides access to psychotherapy via live video conferencing. This can be accomplished anywhere you have a computer or tablet.

As an Out-of-State Licensed Telehealth Provider in Florida, I offer telebehavioral health for snowbirds and residents of Florida.

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Complimentary consultation available by phone.

Some people prefer conducting many online transactions even when non-virtual options are available, such as banking, medical care, and dating. For these people, the option of telebehavioral health might seem appealing.
Other people who might want to consider the option of telebehavioral health are those with:


  • Lack of access to transportation.

  • Status as a stay-at-home parent.

  • A chronic medical condition.

  • Residing a long distance from my office.

  • Difficulty making an in-person appointment under "normal" circumstances.

I offer psychotherapy via telebehavioral health. I use HIPAA-compliant platforms for videoconferencing and related secure infrastructure, such as administrative supportive services, to deliver services to you remotely. You and I log in with a secure video platform in real-time with a computer or mobile device with access to a camera and microphone.

To make the most of telebehavioral health sessions, here are some tips:


  • Using a computer with a video camera is preferable to a smartphone. However, either will work.

  • The use of a private, safe space is essential. I am obliged to inquire about this space's status in support of HIPPA laws and your safety.

  • Provision of your location is required at the start of each session for the same reasons as above.

  • This service, like in-person services, has some disadvantages. For instance, despite best efforts, there are risks of confidentiality breaches, equipment failure on both ends of the remote connection, and communication problems in the absence of direct view of gestures, eye contact, and body language on the part of both the client and psychotherapist.

  • Given these concerns, a special informed consent form is required before beginning this service.

  • If you have roommates, a partner, or family, you can shut the door to your bedroom and turn on music for white noise, sit in your car for the session, or ask those who share the home to go for a drive or walk.

Once you book an online therapy appointment, payment can be made online via Stripe with a credit card. Many insurance plans now cover telebehavioral health.

Don't hesitate to contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss beginning telebehavioral therapy with me.

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