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  • Karen Sussan, LMHC

The Power of Groups

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Do you agree?

I will go out on a limb and say those who have participated in group therapy or a support group are likely to agree with Aristotle in his quote above.

I discovered the healing power of groups through participation in groups while in psychotherapy training.

There are profound possibilities for healing, growth and transformation in such collective experiences.

The Spiritual Side of Group Experience

Witnessing how the interplay among group members led to ultimate healing hooked me. Sometimes, healing came from out of the blue, like a “Eureka!” moment. Other times, it was a slow, laborious process. But, people connected and helped one another heal in a safe space.

And, I remain grateful that I trained to facilitate groups.

Group from My Perspective

My practice dissertation included healing moments in group modality. They reminded me of my collective roots: exodus from oppression, wandering together, and the mystery at Sinai– i.e., a collective consciousness that could form society based upon laws as well as result in a throng’s acceptance of a mission statement as their guide: You shall become a Holy people. However far the Jewish people or monotheistic peoples are from that mission statement now, it, nevertheless, is a remarkable, noble goal.

Some Catholic and Protestant colleagues related to my discovery of this transcendental aspect known as “group as a whole” and taught me about “Corpus Christi” and “whenever two or more are gathering in His Name”. There are still probably many associations to religious and spiritual communities that can be drawn.

What will be your take on group psychotherapy experience?

There are more antecedents from many walks of life to the transcendent aspect of the collective experience that many find in groups.

You may also have a positive group experience on a shared healing venture if you join a group for psychotherapy.

Explore my “group therapy” page. You can find it, if you hover over “Services”, and select “Group Therapy”. That page shows a sampling of groups I offer. You can reach out to me and talk more about what groups I am currently offering.

And, you also are invited to reach out to me to discuss if group is the right modality for you.

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