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Pastoral Counseling

Karen is a Pastoral Counselor with Advanced Training in the Field


In keeping with my client-centered approach as a psychotherapist, I follow my clients’ lead regarding matters of religion and spirituality. I never introduce or force religious or spiritual issues or resources.

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Complimentary consultation available by phone.

I am a pastoral counselor with advanced training in this field and remain in good standing with one of its major affiliated professional organizations.

Pastoral Counseling began in religious communities but remains a gateway for many seeking assistance with depression, grief, marital disorder, substance abuse, and other issues. While such support is valuable, most religious community leaders do not have the time or training to do extensive, in-depth psychotherapy. Thus, if a situation requires more than a few informal sessions with a religious leader, a sound option is to seek a trained pastoral counselor.

Pastoral Counseling applies insights and principles from theology and behavioral sciences to work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and social systems toward wholeness and health.

The discipline is not licensable in many states, including New York, so practitioners tend to have training and licensure in other mental health disciplines in addition to in-depth religious or theological training.

Standards for Practice and Ethical Conduct

While not mandated, many conscientious practitioners, myself included, join organizations that provide standards for practice and ethical conduct. Such pastoral counseling organizational codes of conduct include non-proselytizing.

Practitioners may be affiliated with a particular religious body or group. However, pastoral counselors should be open to dialogue. The practice focus should be your comfort level, faith, cultural needs, and values.


Karen Works with Secular Clients and Non-Secular Clients of all Faiths

The majority of my clients are secular clients outside my Jewish faith. These non-Jewish and secular clients still find our work together helpful and healing. My diligence in psychotherapy and respect for human dignity are key for these individuals. My understanding of my faith demands I treasure each client’s stance, life situation, and goals.

I can help you with this specialty to support your healing, growth, and transformation. Please contact me to explore and discuss this option.

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